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NCKD trả lời về tấm hình tai tiếng (from Dien Dan Mau Tam) (1 viewing) (1) Guest
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TOPIC: NCKD trả lời về tấm hình tai tiếng (from Dien Dan Mau Tam)
NCKD trả lời về tấm hình tai tiếng (from Dien Dan Mau Tam) 5 Years, 9 Months ago  

From: Billy Nguyen

Subject: is this yours?

Is this ypur picture? If YEAH so terrible picture-------------

Hi Billy,

Yes that is my picture. I'm sorry to disappoint you but please understand that any dance involving lifts and spins, like ice-skating, will reveal the bottom part. That's why there are dance underwear and why dance costumes are made with the an attached bottom similar to that of a bathing suit.

In the picture that you sent me noticed that Christian, my dance partner, accidently grabbed a piece of my dress when he picked me up for a spin and this caused the whole underwear to be hitched up. And while it is perfectly acceptable and expected that one's dance underwear would show in these type of performances, I totally understand how some audience could feel uneasy when it's hiked up too high. Keep in mind that the spin happened very fast (in a matter of seconds), and had one seen the performance live it would not be so shocking. What was so "bad" about this picture is that it was captured at the wrong moment and in a freeze frame one can take the time to dissect the picture and notice all unsightly details.

If I make you feel uncomfortable, again, I apologize. It was unintentional - a wardrobe malfunction you might call it. What is intentional and full of malice is the photographer who took the picture and post it on the net. Apparently he is known for posting the most embarrassing, ugly or controversial pictures of Viet celebrities to draw people to his website. I guess in these economic hard times, some people will go to whatever length and cross all boundaries of moral decency to carve out bit of low life existence for themselves.


Ky Duyen
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